Quiz #4

Quiz #4

Q.1 You’re doing an interview for a new job. The company tells you that they’re a business where they have ‘constantly changing priorities’. What’s your reaction to this?

  • Must be true if they say it.
  • Probably not true.
  • They don’t do capacity planning.
  • They don’t do capacity planning because they’re afraid of what it might tell them.  

Q.2 There is a 10 person-day job to do on your project. Charlie is going to do it and the plan is that he’s available full time (5 days per week). However, when he actually joins it turns out he’s only available 1 day per week. What potential effect could this have on the project?

  • The project could be delayed by 4 days.
  • The project could be delayed by 10 days.
  • The project could be delayed by 10 weeks.
  • The project could be delayed by 9 days.



  • 1 point. Very much doubt it. Between ETP and Fast Projects, we have more than 500 organisations on our combined client lists. I can’t think of one of them where this applies. There are certainly sectors where this is true but for most organisations that make or do something, it’s not.
  • 5 points. See previous comment.  
  • 5 points. Probably true.   
  • 5 points. Could well be true.


  • 0 points. No.
  • 0 points. Nope.
  • 5 points. Yep – do the arithmetic and you’ll see.  
  • 0 points. No.  


10 points                     Good work.

Less than 10 points     Tricky questions but then project management can be a tricky thing.