Quiz #2

Quiz #2

Q.1 You’ve just been handed a project and a team. Of the following, what is the very next thing you should do?

  1. Figure out the strengths and weakness of the team.
  2. Establish who’s full time on your project and who’s part time.
  3. Find out who all the stakeholders are.
  4. Establish if you have enough resources to get the job done.  

Q.2 Of the following, who are stakeholders in your project?

  1. The team.
  2. Suppliers.
  3. Government or regulatory bodies.
  4. Your loved ones.  



  1. 0 points. Of course this matters but it’s not the very next thing.
  2. 0 points. No. It’s not the very next thing either.  
  3. 5 points. Yep. A successful project equals happy stakeholders, so the very next thing to do is to find out who all the stakeholders are.
  4. 0 point. No, for the same reasons as (a) and (b) above.  


  1. 5 points. Yes.   
  2. 5 points. Yes.   
  3. 5 points. Could be, depending on the nature of the project.
  4. 5 points. Yes, they are – especially if the project you’re intending to do is going to be a so-called ‘death march’ project with people working insane hours.


10 points         Good

5 points           OK.

The point of this quiz is to remind you that you’d better find out – at the beginning of the project – who all your stakeholders are.

A successful project is all about happy stakeholders, so you need to find out who they (all) are and what they hope to get from the project. Deliver those things and you’ve done your job.