More about ‘Alice in Projectland’

More about ‘Alice in Projectland’


Alice                     Project / Program Manager. Alice keeps a notebook in which she writes down the things she’s learnt

Bob                      Alice’s boss – the Big Boss. Because of Alice’s very occasional slight stutter, she calls him B-Bob, but she tries not to call him at all

Harry                   The guy in charge of the hardware team

Sammy                The guy in charge of the software team. He knows an awful lot about an awful lot of things, Unfortunately, this means he believes he knows everything about everything.

Ted the Tester    In charge of Quality Assurance

Magnus               The Marketing guy – in charge of marketing

Patricia Mendez The Product Manager – works for Magnus. She’s from Spain

Reg Halvorson   In charge of IT infrastructure. Has a penchant for wearing Moomin T-shirts. Alice’s best friend and ally in the office.

Vincenzo B Balenciaga           V.B.B. – the Very Big Boss. B-Bob has nightmares in which V.B.B. is chasing him