Focus Ireland – Full Testimonial

Focus Ireland – Full Testimonial

Why you’ve invested in the training i.e. what problems you were trying to solve?

It was necessary to introdue a methodology that the whole organisation worked within and understood the primary components of running a successful project, with all teams using the same structure and templates to execute stronger project plans, timely completion of projects and reduce costs overall and to identify the viability of a project at the earliest stage.

What the benefits have been?

Teams are more confident in building project plans together, getting input from all necessary areas of the business and managing project budgets.  They understand how to deal with and manage unexpected changes in a projects and how to make the right choices and resolve issues, by finding the firefighting problems at the beginning of a project and miniming overall risk. 

The 2 day in person project management course was ran by using uncomplicated language (without jargon), providing simple and practical guidance on how to cut out the noise from the day to day tasks, and run a project successfully by learning the power to do less (and achieving better results).

The course exceeded expectations in with its common-sense simplistic step by step approach. The facilitator, Fergus, provided tools to improve problem-solving, how to handle conflict effectively and work towards resolutions in a timely manner.