ETP / Fergus Endorsements

ETP / Fergus Endorsements

Stryker Osteonics, Cork

“The objective in summary was to quadruple the size of this facility, take the work force from 105 to 330 and transfer the largest plant in the corporation into Cork in less then 18 months.

Fergus and his team conducted a 5-day session on site and looking back gave us the tool kit we needed to manage and execute a project of this magnitude successfully. We found his templates very user friendly and easy to understand and implement. His approach to PM using his 10-step methodology is excellent and one of the best I have seen. His workshop was open enjoyable and very practical and a good learning forum. He covers the psychology of PM quite well.

We found ETP’s approach aligned itself very well with our Business Process Excellence program so well in fact that they have been appointed as our partners for our International affiliates. Project management was seen as the first process and most critical to be overhauled in this program. Having worked with ETP gave us a big jump on the rest of the SHO sites. The process we introduced is now a benchmark in this organisation and will stay with us for a long time to come. The team completed their project on time with an outstanding quality performance and well within budget and at no stage were they ever unsure of where they were in terms of timing and issues.

I would recommend ETP to organisations as a great partner for introducing a project management methodology to their people.”

John Crowley, Project Manager

Special Olympics World Games 2003

“We could not have achieved all that we did without your help and assistance.  You came on board at an early stage in the planning of the Games and the application of best practice project management was a vital ingredient in that success.”

Mary Davis, CEO


“Project’s going over budget or missing deadlines, continues to be the biggest problem affecting the software industry.  That’s why I think that ETP’s elegantly simple solution to this problem is more important now than it ever was.”

Raomal Perera, CEO

Microsoft EPDC 

“I have been on several project management courses and this has been one of the best – I will definitely apply the 10 Steps on all of my projects.”
Geraldina Barrientos, Senior Program Manager.

“The Workshop was very appropriate and applicable to Microsoft – it has a down to earth and realistic approach. I would recommend this Workshop to all project managers.”
Elaine Roycroft, Senior Project Manager.

“The Workshop provided me with a structured approach that I will be able to use when planning and executing my next project. Overall the Workshop was very enjoyable and informative.”
Finola Brady, Project Manager.

“One of the best project management courses that I have been on. The content is easy to relate to and knowledge acquired can be applied immediately.”
Cristina Nardini, Program Manager.

Eicon Technology Corporation

“The most useful aspect of the Workshop was the “reality” part-applying the training on-site to our own actual projects, ranking the results and sharing them with other participants.”
Karim Noormohamed, Senior Network Analyst & Team Leader.

Logos Corporation 

“The strength of ETP’s approach was in its simplicity – I can start applying it to my projects immediately. I am delighted that we had such a high calibre trainer.”
Susan Daly, Senior Director Worldwide Operations.

“The Workshop was specifically applicable to our industry and organisation, it was excellent and extremely worthwhile.”
Steve Lank, Operations Manager.


“Structured Project Management is a practical and common sense approach to managing a project focused organisation.”
Gabriel Peelo, System Implementation Specialist.

“Project Management was laid out in a clear and logical fashion & each step was directly related back to your own project.”
Nicola Riordan, Product Manager

Telenor RDI 

“This was the best course that I attended in a long time.”
Gareth Smith, Senior Systems Developer.

Nortel Networks

“The most useful aspect of the Workshop was that you can use your own project – you have something tangible to show for the Workshop.”
Kieran Muldoon, Financial Accountant.

Moog Ltd.

“Overall the Workshop was top class, easy to understand and very well presented.”
Dermot Lucey, Design Engineer.

IONA Technologies

“The most useful aspect of the Workshop was the individual presentations – putting into practice the information gained”.
Lisa Kenny, Senior IS Analyst.

AOL Europe

“Learning from existing & realistic project and from other people in the group, made me aware of areas that I could incorporate into my project plan. Planning is the success to any project.”
Delores Hutchinson, European Purchasing Officer

Virtual Access

“Clear step by step run through of project planning and management”.
Conor O’Gormon, Senior Software Engineer.

Ericsson Data Services Ireland

“The preparation & presentation of the project plan was the most useful aspect of the workshop. It felt like a ‘real’ workshop & I’m bringing something useful ‘out’ of the Workshop with me”.
Aileen Kelly, Customer Support Manager