Days are Different

Days are Different

In 1992 Fergus O’Connell  set up ETP to market common sense project management, based on his first book, How To Run Successful Projects – the Silver Bullet.

Since then, Fergus has developed a series of techniques for running projects not just successfully but in the shortest possible time.   Shortenings of 20% are readily achievable and sometimes far greater shortenings can be realised.  Fergus has set up to make these techniques available to the widest possible audience.

To our knowledge there is no other company in the world offering anything remotely like this. 

The unifying theme of all of these techniques is best summed in Fast Project’s tagline – ‘Days are different’.  The line comes from this by ETP’s founder, Fergus O’Connell:

‘As project managers, the tools we use to get our projects done are people, money, equipment / materials and time – days.

We can hire or contract in or reassign more people.  We can get more budget or more investment.  We can buy more equipment or materials.

But days are different. 

Once a day is gone it’s not coming back.  We can’t get more of it.  It’s gone.’

Fast Projects is about spending each precious, irreplaceable day as wisely as possible.

It would be hard to imagine anything which has more benefits than shortening a project.  These benefits include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced waste
  • Money saved
  • Increased profits
  • Improved revenues
  • Improved cash flow
  • Stealing a march / gaining a lead on your competitors
  • Delivering business benefits quicker
  • Reducing the risk of the project running over
  • Not to mention … increased team morale, greater job satisfaction etc.