All Advance Praises

All Advance Praises

“If you know anyone facing challenges in project management, this book could be the best gift ever. It glows with inner light and practical wisdom and surely will become a contemporary classic in project management.”

Luis Sampaio, President, CEO and Founder, MOG Technologies SA, Porto, Portugal


“If you only have one project management book on your shelf, it should be this one.”

Raomal Perera, Entrepreneur & Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, INSEAD, France


“For nearly 25 years I have referred to Fergus’ Ten Steps in my work and seen hundreds of leaders breathe a huge sigh of relief when this simple practice gave them the breakthrough they needed. Now he has knocked me over again with this gem of a book.”

Petra Oorthuijs, Founder toBE,


“I’m astounded it has taken me 20 years to get this update – and what an update this is! Additional to the Original are Dos, Don’ts and How-Tos ‘à la carte’ for faster projects in return for less work: what’s not to like?!”

Tom Cahill, VP EMEA, Logi Analytics


“Since 1999, Cora Systems has been focused on making Portfolio, Program and Project management easy and simple to do. Fergus O’Connell has been a pioneer of this for longer than we have been in business.  If you are starting out and want to move from the PM classroom theory into the PM real-life practicals then this is the book for you. If you have been around the PM scene for a number of years then this is the refresher to take you back to the top of your game”

Philip Martin, CEO, Cora Systems


“Brilliant in its simplicity and packed with common sense – Fergus O Connell’s approach to project management is simply the best one that I have ever found…A must read for those involved in any aspect of project management”

Fiona O’ Carroll, Digital/eCommerce Transformation, Kerry Group, Ireland


“Having trained with Fergus and worked alongside him to implement this simple yet profoundly applicable approach to programme management, I can highly endorse this book, written very much in the style of Fergus’ engaging workshops. All you need to know to deliver any level of project is contained within its covers.

John Counihan, Head of Organisation Design & Development, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland


“This is an essential read for all those leading or playing a key part in a project in today’s business world. This book will help people at all levels learn to define projects, and how to deliver them well, while minimising the pain along the way.

Evelyn Moynihan, Head of Marketing Customer Loyalty, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland


“I am a Fergus fan.  I have been applying his methods and approach to my own and teams’ work for over 15 years with significant benefit.  The Project Management Book is an entertaining and easy to follow guide containing the latest tools and practical approaches that will ensure you and your teams are efficient, predictable and trusted.”

Conor Twomey, Global Director of R&D, Indorama, South Carolina, USA


“I have known Fergus O’Connell for years and have employed his straightforward and beautifully simple project management methodology in countless projects, from the relatively straightforward to the significantly complex and time critical–and they work.  His clear and concise explanations, his ability to focus your attention on the right elements at the right time, all delivered with a keen sense of humor result in success–over and over again.”

Anthony Fonze, Chief Innovation Officer, Health Current, Arizona’s Health Information Exchange, USA


“Fergus does two really important things to allow Project Managers to sleep at night: he picks out the really important things to do and bypasses the delays involved in learning the jargon. Really valuable for beginners and experienced project managers alike.”

Dr Deasún Ó Conchúir, CEO, Scatterwork GmbH, Switzerland


The Project Management Book is now required reading for all our staff. Having implemented these ideas across the organisation, this is a very clever and handy guide to ensure that we continue to deliver on time, cost effectively, and to the level of quality expected by our members. We believe that these methods have assisted us in surviving the funding cuts of the recent recession, and allowed us to build our organisation during a time when most organisations were shrinking.”

Noel Kelly, CEO/Director, Visual Artists Ireland


“Having read most, if not all, of Fergus O’Connell’s books I am always impressed by how he manages to continue to produce invaluable material to those of us who are involved in project management as either the project lead or an essential part of any project team.”

Martin Gamble, Property and Security Manager, Irish Aviation Authority


“There are several ways for acquiring project management expertise. Mastering Fergus O’Connell’s ‘The Ten Steps’ method is one of them.  Very simple and practical.”

Masa Fukunaga, Director, Collabo Project Services, Tokyo, Japan


“Project Management can be a very complex job, and a very difficult one to do well. There are many tactics required to master the art, and this book demystifies many of these tactics in a simple and consumable storytelling format.”

Joe Hogan, Founder and CTO, Openet


“A read as easy and as fun as attending one of Fergus’ courses. The author takes the junior Project Manager by the hand and shows that there is no need to be afraid or to do the impossible. He also takes the experienced Project Manager by the hand and leads the way back to reality and to a common sense approach. Therefore, it just works!”

Alexander Göhring, Director Operations, Xeltis, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


“Fergus has an uncanny ability to make the complex simple, in his easy and engaging style, he sets out a clear methodology and a refreshingly simple approach to Project Management with very practical tools and steps to guide you through any project.”

Mary Goulding, Business Consultant & Executive Coach to CEO’s and Senior Managers


“Read this book, especially if you think you know everything there is to know about successful project delivery, I dare you to!!  It is an easy to read anthology of common sense project management guidelines that when absorbed and diligently applied will save you many boardroom beatings and allow you to taste the sweetness of delivering projects successfully time and again.”

Les Marshall, Senior Project Management Specialist, FIS Global, UK


“The Project Management Book is a really engaging, concise and fast paced book to assist managers and employees with scoping out and more importantly, completing projects successfully, with the emphasis on completing firstly and secondly successfully.

Cathy Winston, MD. The Innovation Hub