Alice’s thoughts on Brexit

Alice’s thoughts on Brexit

Alice doesn’t claim to know much about politics and while she’s learning more about project management every day, she already knows a fair amount.

Thus, she’s not in the least surprised that Brexit is going to miss its ‘do or die’ target of 31 October.

Alice knew, right back when Boris Johnson became Prime Minister on the back of his promise that he would get Brexit done by 31 October, that it wasn’t going to happen.

He didn’t have a plan – it was as clear as day to anybody with a passing knowledge of project management. As soon as a boss or stakeholder starts to say the things that B-Bob says in episode 1 (or that Boris said back when), you can be sure that they’re no longer in touch with reality.

Alice thinks project management is a noble profession and that when a project manager promises something and fails to deliver, then he or she should resign or be fired.

Other people may feel that Boris’ promise was just one more politician’s promise to be broken and that it’s no big deal.