Advance Praises for ‘The Project Management Book’

Advance Praises for ‘The Project Management Book’

“If you know anyone facing challenges in project management, this book could be the best gift ever. It glows with inner light and practical wisdom and surely will become a contemporary classic in project management.”

Luis Sampaio, President, CEO and Founder, MOG Technologies SA, Porto, Portugal


“If you only have one project management book on your shelf, it should be this one.”

Raomal Perera, Entrepreneur & Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, INSEAD, France


“For nearly 25 years I have referred to Fergus’ Ten Steps in my work and seen hundreds of leaders breathe a huge sigh of relief when this simple practice gave them the breakthrough they needed. Now he has knocked me over again with this gem of a book.”

Petra Oorthuijs, Founder toBE,


“I’m astounded it has taken me 20 years to get this update – and what an update this is! Additional to the Original are Dos, Don’ts and How-Tos ‘à la carte’ for faster projects in return for less work: what’s not to like?!”

Tom Cahill, VP EMEA, Logi Analytics


“Since 1999, Cora Systems has been focused on making Portfolio, Program and Project management easy and simple to do. Fergus O’Connell has been a pioneer of this for longer than we have been in business.  If you are starting out and want to move from the PM classroom theory into the PM real-life practicals then this is the book for you. If you have been around the PM scene for a number of years then this is the refresher to take you back to the top of your game”

Philip Martin, CEO, Cora Systems