Project Management is a Life Skill that Everyone Should Have

Project Management is a Life Skill that Everyone Should Have


I’d go even further than that. Project management is a life skill that everyone – Project Managers, everybody else, kids – should have.

I’m not talking about methodologies like Prince2 or something like Agile. Instead it’s something far simpler.

Project Management can be boiled down to two very simple ideas.

The first is that anything can be a project – from something as small as say, a 1-hour meeting all the way up to some vast undertaking.

The second is that whether a project is tiny, vast or anything in between, all projects all exhibit the same behaviour.

Or to put that another way, there are things which are common to all successful projects and things which are common to all failed projects – irrespective of size or number of people or anything else.

By harnessing the positive things and trying to reduce the effect of the negative things, we can have many more successful projects.

So, what are these things?

Well, they’re encapsulated in The Ten Steps. Once you know these, you have everything you need to run any project successfully.

What’s the best way to learn The Ten Steps?

Depends on who you are:

Project ManagersThe Project Management Masterclass: 2-day face-to-face workshop, orThe same, but online over Zoom, Teams or equivalent, orThe same, but online and self-training 
All other staffOnline and self-training as for Project Managers
KidsHow to Put a Man on the Moon if You’re a Kid

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