Everyone in Your Organisation Should Learn Project Management – Here’s Why

Everyone in Your Organisation Should Learn Project Management – Here’s Why

Well, quite simply because we all do projects.

Even if they’re small, even if we think of them as one-person projects, project management ensures that these projects got done as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

But this project management can’t be the heavy-duty stuff of the big methodologies.

This project management has to be easy to learn, simple to carry out and there must be benefits in using it.

This project management exists today. You’ll find it here https://lnkd.in/diEh2j9.

Your colleagues can learn this project management in one day of their time and for as little as € 246 per person.

If you want to try it out – free of charge – on behalf of your organisation, just email info@fastprojects.org

Teach your staff project management and you will see:

o  Productivity climb.
o  Wasted time, effort, resources and money go down.
o  Predictability of estimates, deadlines and commitments increase.
o  Occurrence of nasty surprise drop.
o  ‘Firefighting’ and working continuous long hours decrease.


Kids in school should learn this project management. We’re surprised when ‘adult’ projects go spectacularly off the rails – but if we don’t teach the skills in the first place, what can we expect?

Imagine we expected people to become scientists, engineers or accountants but didn’t teach them arithmetic or mathematics!

So it’s for the kids in school that I wrote How to Put a Man on the Moon if You’re a Kid a few years back. You’ll find a free download here https://lnkd.in/dHkcya6V.

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