Part 6 Chapter 40

Part 6 Chapter 40


It’s possible to run projects much more quickly than anyone thinks possible.

You can be sceptical about this if you want. It doesn’t matter. I’ve seen it done. I know how to do it. I can show you.

That’s what we’re going to do in this part of the book.

Shortening projects begins with the realization of a simple, obvious but often overlooked fact. Days are different.

As project managers, the tools we use to get our projects done are people, money, equipment or materials, and time (days).

We can hire or contract in more people, or we can reassign existing people. We can get more budget or more investment. We can buy more equipment or materials.

But days are different.

Once a day is gone, it’s not coming back. We can’t get more of it. It’s gone.

Running projects more quickly is about spending each precious, irreplaceable day as wisely as possible.

There’s probably nothing more beneficial for a project than it be shortened. These benefits include:

  • reduced costs
  • reduced waste
  • money saved
  • increased profits
  • improved revenues
  • improved cash flow
  • gaining a lead on your competitors
  • delivering business benefits quicker
  • reducing the risk of the project running over
  • not to mention increased team morale, greater job satisfaction etc.

Realize this. Internalize it. Feel it. Make it an article of faith and you’ll be ready to start shortening your projects.