Alice in Projectland

Alice in Projectland

‘Alice in Projectland’ is a weekly series for Project and Program Managers. It tells the story of Project Manager, Alice, the projects she works on, the people she works with and the things she learns, which she records in Alice’s Notebook.

Of course, all situations and characters in ‘Alice in Projectland’ are completely fictitious and any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Yeah, right!

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The complete ‘Alice in Projectland’ consisting of all of the scripts (about 30 episodes) plus Alice’s Notebook will be published at the conclusion of the series.

From Alice’s Notebook:

15/10/2019          Episode 1         Alice joins the Acme Company and is given her first project.

22/10/2019          Episode 2         Alice realises the project she’s been given is impossible.

29/10/2019          Episode 3         Alice proves that the project is impossible and has some thoughts on Brexit.                                        

  4/11/2019          Episode 4         Alice has a very sticky meeting with B-Bob.

11/11/2019          Episode 5         Alice has to sell her plan to everybody, especially B-Bob.

18/11/2019          Episode 6         Two weeks into the project, disaster strikes

26/11/2019          Episode 7         Alice’s knowledge of history saves the day. 

  3/12/2019          Episode 8         Alice tells Reg about ‘Day at the Beach’ status reports and SAS reporting. 

10/12/2019          Episode 9         Just like in a Marathon, Alice finds her rhythm.